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Guide of 15 DevOps Practices for Better Security

According to research by Verizon, almost 58% of companies last year were a victim of a data breach, and out of them, 41% happened because of software vulnerabilities. Because of such violations, organizations can lose millions of dollars and even their market reputation.

Now, every team working on application development is responsible for taking necessary security measures to ensure there are no vulnerabilities that can lead to a security breach. These are the DevOps BEST practices to develop and deploy secure applications.

1.Implement DevSecOps Model.

2.Review the Code in Smaller Size.

3.Implement Change Management Process.

4.Keep Evaluating Applications in Production.

5.Train the Development Team on Security.

6.Develop Security Processes and Implement.

7.Implement and Enforce Security Governance.

8.Secure Coding Standards.

9.Use DevOps Security Automation Tools.

10.Implement Vulnerability Assessment.

11.Implement Configuration Management.

12. Implement Least Privilege Model.

13.Segregate the DevOps Network

14.Use Password Manager

15.Implement Auditing and Review.

Implementing these practices with your DevOps process is going to help you save millions for your organization. Start implementing security practices to ensure secure and faster releases of applications.

Ready to learn more?

The following article will explain various tips on how to improve DevOps security within teams working on application development, such as development testing, operations, and production.

Click the link below for more information.

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