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Orbit Knowledge Manager is a self organizing database of information. Commonly incorporated.
in businesses that have a wealth of information that needs to be stored, transferred or called upon..
Orbit Knowledge Manager is logical and user-friendly to facilitate the needs of the user conveniently.
Over 40,000 customers worldwide.

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Orbit Knowledge Manager

Knowledge is power, organize it well

Knowledge Management is a self organizing database of information. Commonly incorporated in businesses that have a wealth of information that needs to be stored, transferred or called upon. It must be logical and user-friendly to facilitate the needs of the user conveniently. Orbitware software is designed with these principles in mind.Application of Knowledge Management Software is necessary to grow when large amounts of information must be accessible on demand. Orbitware Knowledge Management system is equipped with the features you need to maintain control.

Knowledge Management Software for business

Orbitware offers a comprehensive solution in knowledge management software – a crucial element in business growth and efficiency.

Good management of knowledge cuts costs by reducing staff duties in customer support.

It allows faster and more convenient information streams and distribution of this information to relevant people through an interface. Using Knowledge Management Software tools has been proven to save up to 30% on customer support and greatly improves the quality of decision making, staff capability, and company response speed.

Information is readily available on demand – improves efficiency of staff making their job easier + faster.

Orbitware Knowledge Management software tools are fully customizable to work for a wide range of activities including information storage, articles, FAQ, task management, audio-visual capability, there is no defined limit to what you can achieve with our software.

Better adapt with fast response to changes in the industry, economy or otherwise.

You can get statistical information on search queries as well as feedback through comments and ratings, which helps to make improvements to your service.

The ultimate staff training tool! Manage your staff with ease.

Company policies, rules, regulations and important documents easily accessed by new staff to save time in training.

Orbitware Knowledge Manager (OKM) for our clients

Making the right decisions is made easy with our Knowledge Management software. Our clients have used our software to improve customer support, networking and responsiveness. Some of the ways Orbitware Knowledge Manager can benefit different businesses are:

Overview – Speed up training process, keep valuable information as staff come and go, save money and time, easy to manage self organizing system helps you control your business.

Service Provider – Create detailed articles on all aspects of services you provide within a structured and organized format allowing your customers an easy means to find information relevant to them and receive their feedback and opinions.

Vendor Company – Create information relevant to your business for your customers to access. Manage your staff, receive feedback and save time on customer support.

Education Company – Easily arrange assignments, conduct courses, direct people to articles you post and create discussion. Control viewing rights and manage information flow.

Non-profit Company – Manage your community with ease, sharing information no matter where you are. Keep an organized structure to your organization with vast freedom.

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Knowledge Managing software for enterprising business


  • Better Networking Features for the Company
  • Completely customizable to best fit your needs
  • Organized and managed by staff
  • Easy transfer of files, articles and information
  • Access from the internet no matter where you are
  • Instantly upload audio-visual / text information
  • Information available on demand for users
  • Access levels & password protection
  • Groups for easier management of departments
  • Comments & ratings
  • Get feedback on your articles
  • Tracking & statistical information

Customer Features

  • Easy categorization allows selection of regional areas or products
  • Customers can bookmark articles
  • Subscription to articles makes it easy to stay updated
  • Popular search terms & synonymous searches
  • Able to download documents
  • Audio & visual capabilities give more options
  • Access via internet from any location
  • Online self help via articles, categories & search feature

Features to speed up staff training

  • Procedures, regulations and rules accessible on demand
  • Task Management helps to manage staff
  • Articles & news keep staff updated
  • Staff can find answers to questions easily
  • Notifications & personal message capability
  • Instructional videos can be uploaded into the interface

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